Structure Work on Innovation!

Our clients ask us:

Should we only work creatively, or should we incorporate a certain structure into the innovation process?

What is more important: creativity or structure?

Why should I reduce my intuition to a structured process which doesn’t give me enough freedom to create?

We answer:

Under no circumstances should you reduce your intuition to a process and never force yourself or your organization into a fixed structure.

Nevertheless, a structure within the innovation process offers great help. It can combine the new (freedom, creativity) with the standardized (rules, structure). The first necessary step we will take is to understand the importance of finding the right balance between the two.

So if you want to implement good innovation processes, you have to allow both aspects – creativity and structure – to coexist because the two are necessary for the success of the innovation.

If you can agree with our opinion, the next question would be: How do you structure the work on innovations?

Your organization will probably not be familiar with all innovation processes. But at best, you will get to know the most practical process and may use few other or some fragments from other processes as well. More importantly, you should know when it makes sense to use your own process and when to request for external support.

We help you:

… when carrying out structured innovation projects with the best available tools. We strive for maximum results with minimal effort.
Please take a look at our List of structured innovation processes (extract)

If you want to train your employees in developing innovations, we also have various options that we offer in companies and organizations.
Please have a look at the List of our innovation trainings (extract)


Great process and also a great facilitation of this challenging meeting!
(Mike Leigh, project manager; PROCTER & GAMBLE)

For me as a “realist“, enormous creative potential could (surprisingly) be initiated due to this Synectic workshop… The results are contributing to strong consideration for the development of the new service offerings.

Your support helped us a lot with structuring of our projects and setting focus to the core development topics.
(Horst Eizinger, Head of Marketing & Innovation; VILLAS)

In my opinion this seminar has been highly practical oriented and was immediately applicable compared to other seminars. I find that this is the quickest and the best way in learning.
(Richard Korber, Development; LIEBHERR)

A very good innovation tool – I find it superb! I would be happy to participate again.
(Georg Obkircher, Produktion; LIEBHERR)

You have shown us ways in which creativity can be approached in a structured manner. You have exceeded all of my expectations.
(Ines Schalko, Trade Marketing Manager Export; PAGO INTERNATIONAL)

The methodology was extremely powerful – taking care of everybody and every point of view.
(Monica Nali, Team Leader Trade Marketing, PAGO INTERNATIONAL)