Shape Future!

Take the future into your own hands.

In our structured Shaping Future© process, we set ourselves a clear end goal: to enable companies and organizations to become and remain as the innovative trendsetters.

We apply some highly efficient approaches from the area of ​​trend and market research as well as game-changing innovation management. We use the potential of lead users, scenario techniques and the testing of scenarios in future clinics and future laboratories to gain a deep understanding of the potentials. With this approach, we generate the most innovative approaches that can and will change customer behavior.

With Shaping Future© we are not only creating very innovative products, services and scenarios for the future. In addition, we are enabling an organization to become agile and sustainable leader.

These building-blocks lead to the goal:

  • Identify and capture important trends and topics
  • Play through and anticipate relevant scenarios
  • Develop creative ideas and meaningful innovations
  • Check the individual steps in a customer-focused manner


Your competent partners and companions
into an actively shaped future:

Dipl.-Ing. Drazen CARIC, i.c.i.c. – idea creativity innovation competence:
Innovation management, innovation culture,
Innovative breakthrough

Dr. Karl LADLER, The Ladler:
Market research, research, trends

In our projects we combine different Shaping Future© approaches to achieve different goals. Accordingly, we use Shaping Future© in a variety of ways.

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