Clients’ Feedback (Extract)

Persistence, perseverance of Dražen during the project was very positive (and necessary for the process); also mind-setting/enthusiasm, facilitating, procedure.
(team feedback; PHILIPS DAP)

Great process and also a great facilitation of this challenging meeting!
(Mike Leigh, project manager; PROCTER & GAMBLE)

For me as a “realist“, enormous creative potential could (surprisingly) be initiated due to this Synectic workshop… The results are contributing to strong consideration for the development of the new service offerings.

Now immediately after our second meeting, I would like to thank you  and to congratulate on how you were leading the group; I am looking forward to our next meeting.
(Kurt Gasser, Head of GASSER+PARTNER)

I find it excellent! I have already implemented several things. Now I see my business in a new light!
(Franz Tomažič, Head of  ILAB CROSSMEDIA)

This was for me an interesting facet on how the solution finding can be approached in a constructive and creative way. I am looking forward to our joint projects in Salzburg!
(Markus Unterguggenberger, CEO TREND AG Salzburg)

Thank you once again for the seminar. I liked it a lot, especially because of your competent guidance.
(Ina Kähler, Head of PCO Tyrol Congress & Conferences; CONGRESS & FAIR INNSBRUCK)

Your leading of the course was excellent. You guided us with a lot of freedom to explore and finally brought us to the stage of concrete high performance.
(Mario Seher, Office of the Mayor, Protocolary Business and Performance Organization, City Contacts; VILLACH CITY)

Your support helped us a lot with structuring of our projects and setting focus to the core development topics.
(Horst Eizinger, Head of Marketing & Innovation; VILLAS)

To you Dražen, thank you very much! You did it again brilliantly, just as always.
(Helmut Ellensohn, general manager Klagenfurt Marketing; KLAGENFURT CITY)

I am very delighted over the success of our first NAWI-day. Thank you for your efficient support! (July 2007.)
Thank you very much for the clear protocol and a good collaboration! (July 2008.)

In my opinion this seminar has been highly practical oriented and was immediately applicable compared to other seminars. I find that this is the quickest and the best way in learning.
(Richard Korber, Development; LIEBHERR)

A very good innovation tool – I find it superb! I would be happy to participate again.
(Georg Obkircher, Produktion; LIEBHERR)

The workshop with Dražen was very good and very interesting. I received very good feedback from the Players and it enabled us to make a very good team building experience.
The communication with the players was very open and constructive enabling a good basis for the future communication between all the players and coaches.
(Helen Hopkins, National Coach Women; AUSTRIAN GOLF ASSOCIATION

It was one of the coolest Seminars I’ve ever attended… and there have been many of them. I left with a very positive attitude with plenty of input on a personal level. In my opinion, you are a very pleasant facilitator.
(Michaela Rumpold, Trade Marketing Professional; PAGO INTERNATIONAL)

You have shown us ways in which creativity can be approached in a structured manner. You have exceeded all of my expectations.
(Ines Schalko, Trade Marketing Manager Export; PAGO INTERNATIONAL)

I’ve really enjoyed your Seminar. You knew instinctively when to intervene and when you can allow discussions to take place.
(Maren Döbl, Technical Product Manager; PAGO INTERNATIONAL)

Eventhough, I have participated in many seminars, I have not experience one which went so smoothly before! When I look around, I see so many results!
(Erich Mühlbacher, Head of Department of Energy Industry, (Department 15/Environment); GOVERNMENT OF CARINTHIA)

I want to sincerely thank you Dražen. You have convinced me with your incredible determination; you were intensively prepared and managed the seminar very well.

I am impressed. The method is useful and the results are very good. You were very well prepared and were leading us highly professionally and humane.
(Simon Strgar, Key Account Manager, HIDRIA)

The workshop was very goal-oriented and eventhough schedule was tight, the time was used optimally. We were able to fulfil what we have set out to achieve.
(Volkmar Fussi, Chairman of the Section for Advertising and Market Communication, CHAMBER OF COMMERCE CARINTHIA) 

The methodology was extremely powerful – taking care of everybody and every point of view.
(Monica Nali, Team Leader Trade Marketing, PAGO INTERNATIONAL)

As part of a creative seminar with Drazen Caric, I was able to get to know the “Synectic” method and develop enthusiasm for its application. As a creative person, I know that ideas don’t just bubble out when we’re looking for solutions to problems, but that they usually come spontaneously. Inspiration sometimes happens through imagination, but also through new impulses that come from outside. Synectics supports me in following new ways of thinking and offers me structural and mental help in developing projects. This method is particularly suitable for generating several ideas at the same time and for overcoming the inner critic. According to the principle: “Make the foreign familiar and alienate the familiar”, surprising solutions and ideas emerge which I was able to successfully implement in practice and which contributed to the success.
(Anna Moser, Head of the project GENIAL, Department 6 / Competence Center Education, Generations and Culture; GOVERNMENT OF CARINTHIA)

My impressions are positive. I learned a lot and enjoyed a lot. We had a great connection of different aspects: consumer, experts, agencies, … Drazen, your job was really great.
(Yolanda Castillo León, Technical Product Manager, PAGO INTERNATIONAL)

I have been through a lot of workshops in my career, but have never seen such efficient workshop – a lot of great and applicable ideas.
(Ivana Muftic, International Product Manager Pago, PAGO INTERNATIONAL) 

I would have never thought of coming out with so many good and great ideas. Drazen, you did a great job.
(Carmen Kazianka, Trade Marketing Specialist, PAGO INTERNATIONAL)

I am once again convinced that Dražen is the experienced professional to engage for difficult assignments. At the end of the day, his creativity, efficiency and goal oriented approach has made it again possible to achieve the solution in the frame that we are looking for.
(Volkmar Fussi, CO/owner of the advertising agency FUSSI)

I want to warmly thank you for your very good facilitation of the Innovation  Workshop !
Your structured and lively ways has helped us to exceed our goals.  I find your pleasant and competent approach very beneficial and pleasing. Staying on track with our goals and time frame is of utmost importance to us to and you have achieved this to our highest satisfaction.
We would naturally recommend you to others and contact you for similar projects.
(Bernhard Pohlhammer, CO H.F.S.)

The seminar was definitely one of the best I have ever attended till now (including those during my military training and career). Even though at some point I found that it was rather challenging for my mind, you made it fun and have created it in an interesting way.
(Patrik Zenaty, The Area of Transport and Penaltiy, DISTRICT AUTHORITY HREMAGOR) 

My impressions are very positive. I have attended many seminars and this one was short and effective. We have got a lot of new things.
(Meinrad Zechner, Director of ZECHNER HIGH-TECH-STEEL, High-Tech Flange and Fittings)

Dražen, this was a really cool innovation lecture.
(Nikolaus Riegler, Managing Director HIRTER BREWERY)

What came out in individual groups was sensational! There are many great things that we can and should implement.
(Thomas Datinger, Head of Finance / Administration / ICT); HIRTER BREWERY)

it was excellent! It was the most professional workshop I have ever seen.
(Herbert Reiner, Head of RIKKI REINER)