Innovate @ small Companies!

Being a small or medium-sized company does not mean to be less innovative than the larger companies. It is true that large companies have more financial or political assertiveness and are therefore easier to deal with possible innovation risks. However, smaller companies are more flexible, often more innovative in certain disciplines or technologies, and most of their communication is more efficient. They can even get closer to the customer and generate benefits from it.

We support smaller companies in innovation projects with tools that have been specially developed to achieve quick results with small budgets and with smaller teams.

Some examples are: Hackathons, fast Structured Idea Management projects, Design Thinking workshops, Scrums, Walt Disney processes and spaces or Blue Ocean Jump – to name just a few.

When working with small or medium-sized companies, we use their particular strengths and achieve innovative products and services quickly. We help smaller organizations develop a new way of thinking about issues and challenges.

Here are some typical applications:

House of Innovation© … for new, innovative products and services!

You have often considered that …

  • You need more innovative products or services?
  • You want to stand out from the competition?
  • You would like to reposition your company?

But how do you achieve these goals?

  • Are you looking for a consultant?
  • Are you going to nominate an employee in the company for that?
  • Should you ask other entrepreneurs?
  • Or do you turn to an appropriate representation of interests group?

There is a lot of time and energy in all of these steps. No guarantee of success.

With our House of Innovation© we will lead you to safe results quickly and easily!


Easy to use – The process is aimed at small to medium-sized companies and organizations and is deliberately kept simple.

Start immediately – no previous knowledge is required. You can start immediately with instructions.

Structured workflow – An efficient and structured workflow saves time and costs, minimizes risks and leads to optimal solutions.

Fast results – a multitude of ideas are created. A prototype tailored to customer needs is created in the shortest possible time.

Blue Ocean Jump© … for an effective innovation strategy, to stand out from the masses of competitors!

We mainly target Blue Ocean Jump© at small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs). It is a derivative of the “Blue Ocean Strategy” in a very compressed, affordable form. With this workshop we define an effective innovation strategy for the company.

What is this about?

Our goal is in a saturated market, where there is tough competition (so-called “Red Ocean”) – to explore possible potentials and to clearly differentiate ourselves from other providers in the market. We are also looking for areas where we will attract a larger number of customers and “non-customers”.

We go through some tools of the “Blue Ocean Strategy” in the compressed and structured workshop and we …

  • look at the entire value chain from a customer perspective,
  • take a close look at the entire buying experience cycle,
  • analyze the useful or complementary applications,
  • optimize the product range, reduce the superfluous, create the necessary and generate new enthusiasm
  • and create a strong differentiation and a strong unique selling point for the company (“Blue Ocean”).

Together we create a new, unique strategy curve for your company and plan all the necessary activities for a successful implementation.

Walt Disney Method … the right place for creativity, implementation and criticism for creating the best innovations!

This method is directly related to the famous Walt Disney, the father of the modern cartoon industry. Walt Disney used to rethink and refine ideas by dividing the process into three specific mindsets. The dreamer, the realist and the critic.

A) The dreamer

This stage was free to fantasize and created the most fantastic and absurd ideas out there. There was no filter here; just wonderful, raw ideas. This phase was about “Why not?”

B) The realist

The realist reviews the dreamer’s ideas and converts them into something more practical. It wasn’t about why they wouldn’t work, just how they could be achieved. This phase is about “How?”

C) The critic

In the third stage, the critic comes into play and finds gaps in the ideas that he had previously thought up. This is not about looking at things negatively, it’s just about rethinking things: “What could go wrong?”

The ideas that survived this process were the ones that Walt Disney then wanted to work on.

Different rooms for different stadiums

But Walt Disney went further and created real spaces in which he moved between these spaces and tested his possibilities.

Imagine how fantastic it would be if you had these rooms in your company. So many good ideas would arise and be given the chance to be refined and then tested for success. In addition, a few ideas that were previously called bad ideas could be checked again very quickly … and eventually end up as winners.

We support you!

We carry out this process with our customers and clearly separate these three modes.

In addition, we set up these premises in a company in reality and thus enable very dynamic, innovative work within the company, but also with customers and business partners who can be invited to participate.

I find it excellent! I have already implemented several things. Now I see my business in a new light!
(Franz Tomažič, Head ofILAB CROSSMEDIA)

Now immediately after our second meeting, I would like to thank youand to congratulate on how you were leading the group; I am looking forward to our next meeting.
(Kurt Gasser, Head of GASSER+PARTNER)

This was for me an interesting facet on how the solution finding can be approached in a constructive and creative way. I am looking forward to our joint projects in Salzburg!
(Markus Unterguggenberger, CEO TREND AG Salzburg)

I am once again convinced that Drazen is the experienced professional to engage for difficult assignments. At the end of the day, his creativity, efficiency and goal oriented approach has made it again possible to achieve the solution in the frame that we are looking for.
(Volkmar Fussi, CO/owner of the advertising agency FUSSI)

I want to warmly thank you for your very good facilitation of the Innovation  Workshop !
Your structured and lively ways has helped us to exceed our goals.  I find your pleasant and competent approach very beneficial and pleasing. Staying on track with our goals and time frame is of utmost importance to us to and you have achieved this to our highest satisfaction.
We would naturally recommend you to others and contact you for similar projects. 
(Bernhard Pohlhammer, CO H.F.S.)

My impressions are very positive. I have attended many seminars and this one was short and effective. We have got a lot of new things.
(Meinrad Zechner, Director of ZECHNER HIGH-TECH-STEEL, High-Tech Flange and Fittings)

… it was excellent! It was the most professional workshop I have ever seen.
(Herbert Reiner, Head of RIKKI REINER)

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