Improve Innovation Culture!

How can one build a good innovation culture or improve the existing one?

Well, you can’t just press any switch to make it work. The Culture itself is a deeply embedded characteristic, an identity characteristic of a system or a person. It has been there for a very long time; so, it is an important part of the identity. The Culture therefore has many aspects and if you want to change culture, you have to be empathetic, tactical and patient.

Should you change a culture at all?

Yes. … e.g. for the sake of progress, efficiency or to be more innovative. We always find positive aspects in every culture that we should be aware of. We will try to respect them and even keep them for the future. Combining the cultures, gaining mutual benefits and thus building a new culture in an organization is the sensible way.

We mostly focus on a good culture of innovation as a specific goal which  we strive for.

But how does that work in practice?

We apply many approaches. Some of them are simple, like “Storytelling” or different team practices, and others are outstanding processes like the “Tipping Point” approach or “Fit for Politics©”. In general, we first choose the optimal teams for innovative tasks, create a high level of motivation among the teams and “win” the so-called opinion leaders who will help us to spread the spark and success of a new/better innovation culture.

Before we tackle this task, getting a good picture of the actual status of  your company will enable us to choose the best way.

Let’s talk about it.

I am impressed. The method is useful and the results are very good. You were very well prepared and were leading us highly professionally and humane.
(Simon Strgar, Key Account Manager, HIDRIA)

Dražen, this was a really cool innovation lecture.
(Nikolaus Riegler, CO, HIRTER BRAUEREI)

The workshop with Dražen was very good and very interesting. I received very good feedback from the players and it enabled us to make a very good team building experience.
The communication with the players was very open and constructive enabling a good basis for the future communication between all the players and coaches.
(Helen Hopkins, National Coach Women, AUSTRIAN GOLF ASSOCIATION

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