Motivate People for Innovation

In my daily practice, I keep hearing the following sentence: “Everyone can be replaced.”
However, I believe that every person is unique and that no other person in the world is the same. It is an encouraging thought.
Each person has their own dreams and motivations – but also fears that can prevent them from fulfilling these dreams. In this area we can achieve a lot and do a lot wrong.

I see in every person an enormous potential for realizing an idea or making a positive contribution to a company – if we can only bring the motivation and inner strength to be expressed. If this succeeds, some apparently unsolvable problems and projects will suddenly become solvable.

I am looking forward with all my heart to meeting people and creating new things with them. I see the team and the mutual as an important success factor. Reaching the entrepreneurial goal is of course – the summit cross on the horizon. How we do it, will the path be rocky or accompanied by curiosity, fun and mutual support – this is an important task at the beginning of every project, which I consider very seriously and plan carefully with the respective team.

“If you want to build a ship,
then don’t drum up men to get wood, assign tasks and schedule work,
but teach them the longing for the vast, endless sea.”
(Antoine de Saint-Exupery, 1900-1944)