Maximize Innovation Power!

  • Develop, improve and optimize your innovation power.
  • Identify those areas which will bring you the greatest benefit with the least effort.
  • Create a long-term plan where you can constantly improve your innovation power.
  • Lead your company to significantly more profit with maximum innovation.

With InnoWINg© we offer a central steering process to strengthen the innovation power of your company or organization.

So first of all, we carry out an innovation scan, then define the innovation strategy and determine optimal steps to improve your innovative strength within a well-planned time frame. Naturally, we will  involve all relevant stakeholders in the process and provide good visualization for your decision-making and for monitoring the results. Important: An optimal software tool will support us in the entire process.

After just 3 days of workshop and after a period of 3 weeks, you can successfully implement the process and thus significantly improve your innovation power in the practice.

The INNOVATION ASSESSMENT gives a realistic picture of the status of your current innovation power. This first necessary step gives us a good insight into which actions are important to strengthen your innovation power.
We are using efficient EVALUATION and VISUALIZATION TOOLS in order to define the best steps.
The implementation of the actions is well PLANNED, VISUALIZED and is controlled with the support of an optimal SOFTWARE TOOL.

We got a clear view on our issues. Our strategy was already clear and our people are competent and motivated. With this, we additionally took a significant step towards a good innovation culture.”
(semiconductor industry)

The team is convinced these five focus areas are those we shall follow and work on during the next period. We are looking forward to the further steps.”
(automotive industry)

The assessment was very well organized and gave us a solid basis to define best issues to work on. The tool gives a nice overview, the steps we went through were well structured and make sense – so, we could focus on the most important things.”
(automotive industry)

Magna Mirrors Team during InnoWINg©
Magna Closures during Innovation Scan©