Different Thinking in Business (and Administration)

The challenges in the economy are getting bigger. At the same time, things change more often and faster. The price pressure increases. In order to overcome these challenges, we need a new way of thinking! We have to look at things and grasp them differently. Companies and organizations in all areas of activity are challenged, we call it, “to THINK DIFFERENT”. We believe that “Different Thinking” in business and administration is one of the basic attitudes that should be practiced in innovative organizations on a daily basis and supported by management.

I like to question things myself. One reason is that I am interested in what is behind a decision in order to support it better (and more motivated) or because I am simply a curious person. My experience shows that I was sometimes confronted with certain resistances – because I question the existing and the proven. Well, innovation means exactly that: “create something new to replace something that is existing and outdated”.

So we got to the point: How can I create a culture in my person and in my company that preserves the existing and at the same time questions it?
Yes, it is possible.

We train, coach, carry out projects and, in addition, we change the culture of an organization – to create exactly this balance: constantly creating the different, the new, the innovative and at the same time making profitable use of the meaningful existing elements, products or business areas.

Many methods and approaches help. Some examples are: Using accidents and problems as opportunities, questioning what already exists, provocation … also methods such as analogies from nature, TRIZ or Synectics – the latter method is also used by NASA, for example.

“We can’t solve problems by using the same kind of thinking we used when we created them.”
(Albert Einstein, 1879-1955)