Shaping Future / from Trends to Innovations

Trends can catch us in our sleep and cause massive damage to our projects – because we don’t know them or ignore them. We should therefore try (to our advantage) to anticipate trends, to understand them and to ACT PROACTIVE accordingly. This offers us great potential for business success and security in companies and organizations.

Of course, it is almost impossible to predict exactly when a possible trend will take effect. But trends manifest themselves in a certain time window and are influenced by certain factors. These factors can ultimately change the development of trends decisively or, in extreme cases, even make them irrelevant.

That’s why I work very closely with my valued trend and market researcher, Dr. Karl Ladler. Together, we support clients in gaining a deep understanding of trends and accurately assessing opportunities to develop concrete innovations at the right time. Together, we have developed tools for this, such as “Shaping Future©”. This makes it possible to filter out trends, track ongoing trend movements and, with foresight, create trends by yourself as a company. We call it “Trend Setting”.

Our shared competence and our tools give our clients the chance to be one step ahead and thereby have enormous advantages in the market.

More details can be found at Shape Future!

“Trends, like horses, are easier to ride in the direction they are already going.”
(John Naisbitt, 1930, American forecaster)


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