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Can you manage to keep a good position in the market?
Are you facing a high pressure of competition?

Do you need more innovation?
Is stereotype thinking blocking your progress?
Prepare yourself for innovation, complexity and change!

If you are an individual, a small firm, or a global corporation, you need nowadays different thinking more than ever!


Training: ”Different Thinking in the Business”

“ Es gibt keine Regeln und keine Grenzen,

… außer jenen, die wir uns selbst gesetzt haben."

- Dražen Carić, i.c.i.c. -

Your benefit:

  • You learn how to promote innovative approaches in a saturated market
  • More certainty for your innovation
  • You learn how to activate your inner different-thinker
  • Creating acceptance for natural different-thinkers in your teams
  • You will become acquainted with the methods supporting you with different thinking

2 …4 days: theory with many practical exercises


  • Different thinking – the phenomenon: Definition on the basis of practices and examples
  • Types of different thinkers and why are they important to us
  • How can we think different – tips & practices for efficient different thinking
  • Methods and processes to the different thinking: excerpts and tools from Synectics, Blue Ocean Strategy, Lead Users Research, Provocation / challenge self-understandable, Benefit from Conflicts and other methods.
  • How can we be successful as different thinkers: The different thinking stands often in the conflict to the linear-thinking environment. How can we ensure a good route to success; Practices from valuable tools like: Risk management, Team Profile, Structured Idea Management and Business Case.
  • Support to your own autonomous development. How can you further develop your different thinking capabilities.
  • Examples from the practice: Where and how did successful companies reach a breakthrough on the market by applying different thinking.


  • The basics to Different Thinking and its activation will be explained.
  • Many practical exercises will be carried out to evolve and consolidate the different thinking potentialities.
  • Concrete steps/tasks for the phase after the training will be defined in order to stabilize the learned material respectively to support the own further development.