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Do you need more innovation?
Do you have a feeling - the retracted way of thinking is blocking the top performance?
According to a survey 70% of the employees in a company have already taken the inner decision to quit their job – do you feel, that all of your employees can develop their inherent creativity sufficiently?

Training: "Creativity and Krea Natura"

„You can’t prescribe creativity. It is simply there.
We shall learn to handle it, to make it possible.”

- Dražen Carić, i.c.i.c. -

Your benefit:

  • Increase of creativity. You learn how to develop your inherent creativity potentials.
  • More ideas, more authenticity and strength of your ideas
  • Increase of motivation in the company
  • The employees will better identify themselves with their work and with the company. It follows that: there is a substantial higher productivity

Effort: 2 …4 days: theory with many practical exercises


  • Creativity and the creative process: description of basics and theory
  • Creativity promotion instead of barriers: What do our companies need
  • Krea Natura: a psychologically established approach to reach the maximum evolvement of creative potentialities
  • Child – adult: How do I achieve free space for creativity in myself: The inner child is an essential part of our creative personality. How can I bring it in harmony with my adult self.
  • Support to develop our own creativity: Stimulation, hints and practices offer help for the further development of your creativity.
  • Phenomenon „Different Thinker“. Insight into the different thinking capabilities
  • Toolbox: Training into 10 to 12 efficient creativity tools (brainstorm, 6-3-5, Word Association Analysis, 6 Thinking Hats, Mind-Map, Warm-up-Brainstorm, Provocation and others)

“Step soft, when you step over my dreams.”

- W. B. Yeates -


  • The basics for the unfolding of the inner creativity will be explained.
  • Many practical exercises will be carried out in a relaxed atmosphere. This helps to consolidate the essential areas for the evolvement of creativity.
  • Concrete steps/tasks for the phase after the training will be defined in order to stabilize the learned material and to support the own development.