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Can you manage to keep a good position in the market?
Are you facing a high pressure of competition?
Do you need more innovation?
Need for innovation, change and complexity are increasing – are you well prepared?

Training: "Structured Idea Management"
”Creativity is good. Structure additionally – better!”
- Dražen Carić, i.c.i.c. -

Your benefit:

  • You know, how you can develop your ideas to a higher maturity with little effort
  • Time and cost savings in handling with ideas and solutions
  • An efficiency, with which you can bring about your breakthrough
  • A high hit-rate for your ideas
  • Development of innovation culture
  • High motivation and team dynamics

2 …4 days: theory with many practical exercises


  • Basics / theory of Creativity – short overview
  • The creativity and the structure / the child and the adult - the conflict: Why do these polarities usually do not tolerate each other.
  • Structured Idea Management – a process that combines creativity and structure, in order to find optimal solutions: How to join creativity and structure in an innovation project procedure and use them for the economic success – process overview with examples from the economy practice.
  • 9 building blocks of the Structured Idea Management: how to carry out particular phases of the Structured Idea Management process. The contents will be trained practically exercised on concrete examples: project-briefing, defining the topic and criteria, idea generation, selection of ideas, concept creation, short investigations, checking the ideas on the market, final ranking and strategic innovation portfolio & roadmap plan.
  • Benefits and success story – why does the Structured Idea Management contribute in creating successful products and services for the market; Examples from successful projects. 


  • The basics of creativity and the necessity of combination of creativity and structure will be explained.
  • Concrete practical exercises will be carried out in order to consolidate the procedure of the Structured Idea Management.
  • After that, concrete steps/tasks for the phase after the training will be defined to apply the learned material in the practice.